Dubino Flamed + Brushed

Gray granite with medium-fine grain with a rather homogeneous texture. It may present variations in color, as a consequence of the magmatic-metamorphic origin of the stone.Its mineralogical composition is characterized by the presence of plagioclase, quartz and amphibole. Commercially, the stone is also known as Serizzo Dubino, an alternative to Serizzo Valmasino.

Finished with double processing. First flamed, then brushed to smooth the roughness of the surface, the result is a coarse yet velvety finishing, that still reflects light diffusely.

Main applications: 

  • interior floors

  • interior cladding

  • exterior cladding

  • bathroom vanities

  • kitchen countertops

texture Dubino Flamed + Brushed Lastra
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texture Dubino Flamed + Brushed Formato 30 a correre
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Formato 30 a correre
texture Dubino Flamed + Brushed Formato 30 x 60
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Formato 30 x 60
texture Dubino Flamed + Brushed Formato 60 x 60
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Formato 60 x 60

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